Raised Storage Areas


A raised storage area is the quickest way to increase your working floor space within your existing premises.  Eliminate the need and expense of moving by installing a single or multi-tiered storage area.  A raised storage area can extend onto existing mezzanine levels or be designed to span over existing structures.  Raised storage areas can be constructed out a various range of products to suit your requirements.

  • Eliminate expensive relocation costs

  • increase the storage capacity of your existing premises

  • easy accessibility to stock

Open Span

Open span floors gives you the versatility of open span floors with minimal intermediate supports.  This is the most flexible as it can span over the top of existing structures or machinery

Rack Supported

A rack supported raised storage area is constructed using standard pallet racking components.  Existing pallet racking components can be used, or alternatively components can be supplied.    As the area is constructed out of pallet racking components, storage levels below and above the floor can be incorporated. 

Shelving Supported

Similar to a rack supported raised storage area, longspan materials are used to construct this type of raised storage area.  Shelving storage levels are incorporated into the structure below and above the floor area.  However, there are limitations to the amount of weight that can be carried on a shelving supported raised storage area and it is generally engineered. 



Open Span Raised Storage Area


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