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Safety in the workplace is heavily promoted more today than ever before.  All companies are required to identify hazards, assess the risks and fix the appropriate problems.

Regulations now clearly identify the responsibility of businesses in association with their pallet racking and storage structures.  Australian Standard AS4084 Steel Storage Racking states:

  • Pallet racking is required to be inspected on a regular basis and at least once a year
  • Damage no matter the size should be immediately inspected and assessed to maintain the integrity of the installation has not been affected.  If it exceeds tolerances it should be immediately  uploaded and not re-used
  • Safe working load signs and maintenance signs must be displayed on each structure.  These signs must indicate all loading capacities of the rack
  •  Each site should have available for inspection an as-built drawing showing the design capacity of the pallet racking installation.

In conjunction with you, Rack & Shelve IT! can develop a maintenance program that will lead to a reduction in damage to your pallet racking and an overall safer working operation.

By applying the Rack & Shelve IT! Pallet Racking Inspection Program to your workplace, you can ensure the safety and efficient operations of your pallet racking and meet with your requirements under the Standard.

The Rack & Shelve IT! Pallet Racking Inspection Program consists of an initial audit to determine the configuration and integrity of your existing pallet racking.  Regular self assessment Log Book inspections are encouraged together with six monthly and 12 monthly audits conducted by Rack and Shelve It! to ensure the compliance of existing pallet racking and outline what improvements can or need to be made.




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